FissureMan II 4 Nozzle Set
This nozzle set is supplied for the prospector who has purchased the no-frills dredge body for use with the SANDMAN attachment and the 3 nozzle upgrade and has now determined they have use for the full complement of available FissureMan II sniping nozzles.


This nozzle set is good for the prospector who already owns a GOLD-N-ROD, FissureMan II, BLUEDOG, or DIVER-DOWN Hand Dredge and has a need for one or more of these nozzles as replacement or as addition to the nozzles they already own.

This set contains four 6" long, 1/2" diameter ID specialty nozzles as seen in the picture above to be used for the collection of material under various conditions. Each one may be used in any number of ways however the following descriptions will provide the designed uses for each.

The first on the left will allow collection at the bottom of "V" shaped crevices that a standard bull nose or flat nozzle cannot quite reach.

The second from the left will allow cleaning of long narrow crevices in the bedrock with a more concentrated focus of suction power along the length of the crevice.

The third from the left is best used when there is a lot of sand and larger gravel present in concentration as may be found in small diameter boil holes and depressions in the stream bed. The slots on the tip allow the smaller material to pass while larger rocks remain when the tip is inserted into the material.

The fourth from the left is a general purpose, angled tip to allow a more comfortable working angle for the operator during collection activity.  Additionally, this nozzle may be mounted in an upward facing position to get under overhanging structure such as roots clusters and rock overhangs.

Please be advised these nozzles would be best purchased at the same time with a hand dredge for best match. This is recommended due to manufacturing processes used to build each hand dredge, the nozzles listed here when purchased seperately, may not line up perfectly on the hand dredge you purchased earlier. The nozzles will be perfectly operational, however, you may need to either use them slightly loose when attached to the nozzle cap or with a thin spacer under the threaded fitting to obtain absolute perfect alignment.

What you will receive:

1- 4 Nozzle Specialty Set

Price: $6.50

Specialty Nozzle Set