7 Nozzle Kit
                  This nozzle upgrade kit is supplied for the prospector who has purchased the a SANDMAN SYSTEM hand dredge and has now determined that they would like a stand alone FissureMan sniping capability without having to use the hose and bucket system.


This kit also works for a prospector who would like to have a stand alone
FissureMan Hand Dredge.
Combine this kit with an offered and 2" hand dredge body found on another page.

                   This kit contains the items seen in the picture above:
 (Two nozzle tubes, five nozzle tip configurations, one collection cup assembly and one nozzle cap.)

This kit will fit 2" hand dredges supplied after 04/14/2018.
If you have purchased a 2" hand dredge before this date be sure to ask for the previous style nozzle set to insure correct fit.

What you will receive:

7 Nozzle Kit

Price: $33.50