The DRYLAND Hand Dredge is an innovative, first of its kind, Fissureman Online product that will allow the desert prospector to clean out the cracks and crevices of dry wash creek beds and exposed bedrock without the need to lug a heavy bulky gas or battery powered vacuum cleaner around in the hot sun.
This device is easy to use and carry by hand while out searching for the targeted areas of interest. Once an area is identified it can be deployed immediately and used to collect the loosened material in dry crevices or narrow holes in the rock.

Below are two pictures:

The first is with the bellows relaxed and the second with the bellows extended while connected to a vacuum/pressure gage.The vacuum pressure developed was from 0 to 20 cm/Hg or 8 inch of Hg (mercury) with the bellows extended.These pictures exhibit the vacuum pressure developed within a sealed DLHD BACKPACK body. (The same bellows technology is used with the DLHD II Hand Dredge)

To calculate this reading out to the familiar form of pressure known as "psi" or pounds per square inch - 1 inch of mercury = 0.4911 psi - so 8 inches Hg multiplied by 0.4911 = 3.9288 psi.

For even more familiar references (when connected to the same gage):A new Kirby vacuum cleaner provides 1 inch of Hg vacuum pressure.A typical turkey baster provides .5 inch of Hg vacuum pressure.
Obviously this device is manually operated and the suction developed will be pulsed rather than continuous like powered vacuum cleaner, however, the vacuum pressure developed on each extension of the bellows is much stronger, 8 times stronger, than a high quality powered vacuum cleaner running continuously.
This means that even heavier material can be picked up with ease!

No aggravating noise generated during use as found with conventional powered "crack vacs".

The supplied nozzles are suited for getting into seams and cracks and are easily attached or detached with a connection point constructed using the
same threaded fitting design as other FissureMan Hand Dredges.
There are any number of other nozzle configurations possible.
The 1/2" nozzles configurations supplied on other pages of this website will also fit this device and can be supplied for an additional cost.

The standard black collection cup holds an ample 6+ fluid ounces during use.
The MINIMAN LITE collection jar holds a minimum 30+ fluid ounces during use.

The heavy duty rubber bellows replaces the typical piston used on standard hand dredge designs to provide a new collection capability suited for the dual use of both dry and wetland sniping activities.

To use the DLHD II Hand Dredge all the user needs to do is break the material loose in a likely rock crevice with suitable tools, pick out the large pebbles then suck up the remaining dirt, sand and hopefully gold.
When a crack has been cleaned out to your satisfaction or the collection cup is full, merely detach the collection cup from the bellows head and pour it out into another container to be held for later processing to remove any captured gold.
When metal detecting for nuggets, the DLHD II can be used as a puffer to blow away the loose dirt and debris from within a crevice to expose a nugget that may be otherwise be obscured by the dirt left in the crack after you have manually cleaned it out with other tools. Be sure to have some safety glasses on so you don't end up with dirt and debris in your eyes.

                          Both DLHD II Hand Dredge configurations are supplied with two 1/2" nozzles:1 - 12" long Bullnose & 1 - 6" long x 1/4" Flatnose

While the DLHD II Hand Dredge is designed to pick up dry material it also works very well with water. Please watch the supplied video demonstration to get a better idea of this device's capability.(There are two devices exhibited in the video below - the second one shown will be the DLHD II.)

Below are the available configurations.
The DLHD II can be outfitted with the standard collection cup or a MINIMAN LITE Attachment.

      DLHD II
Price: $63.00

            Price: $75.50