This device is the lowest cost FissureMan manual suction dredge pump offered. This is absolutely the best deal for your money if you are on a strict budget or just wish to try your luck in a stream while on that two week vacation with the family.
It is light and easily carried in a backpack, stowed behind the seat in your pickup or carried in your trunk.


With or without the addition of a simple length of PVC pipe provided by the user, this device can be employed as a single stroke collection device, however, it may also be used as multi-stroke hand dredge with the addition of a simple collection cup assembly.
Unlike other dipsticks that mimic this device's operation with a possible one or two suction stroke capability when incorporating an internal nozzle extension, there is no nozzle extension needed with the
FATTail Bellows pump.

The bellows does not use a piston seal and requires no silicone lubricants for use.  Water is the only lubricant you really must have with the
FATTail Bellows and there will be an ample supply of that where you are going!

This product is being offered so that the user, with their DIY ability, will provide the materials to add whatever nozzle design/configuration wanted up to 1" ID and/or a collection cup assembly such as described in the supplied video below.

For example:

The user desires a hand dredge that requires no bending over to collect material - up to a 5 foot length of 1/2" PVC pipe can be added that will eliminate any "hunching over" to use the device.
Additionally, this sort of length allows an extended reach out into a water flow or well under a boulder that no other standard hand dredge can achieve.

The user needs a short nozzle to access material that is easily reached - the nozzle can be either eliminated or made to a length most suitable for the immediate need.

The user would like to have several nozzle lengths available - then several various or same length peices of PVC pipe can be employed and/or attached together using suitable slip fit connectors to provide a variety of lengths for various possible situations encountered.

Your imagination will be the only limitation when it comes to the nozzle you want to employ - a simple piece of PVC pipe purchased at your local hardware store is all that is needed for the next step of use for this versitile device.

Other diameters of PVC pipe up to 1" may be employed using the custom 1/2" to 1" nozzle adapter fitting that is supplied with the product upon purchase.

If it is desired to use a 3/4" ID PVC nozzle, an additional 3/4" to 1" PVC adapter fitting will be required.


To collect material:

Extend the FATTail Bellows using it as a stand alone suction device or with any chosen length of added 1/2" ID PVC pipe up to a 5 foot in length placed in contact with the loosened material to be collected.

Then relax the extended bellows after each suction to release the collected material into a bucket or other holding device for processing later. 

Removing any material remaining within the
FATTail Bellows after your collection activity is completed is very easy. Suction some plain water into the bellows to rinse out the material while turning the FATTail Bellows upside down and the collected material easily falls right out into your pan, bucket or processing equipment.

To continue: Reattach the custom fitting and/or reinsert a length of PVC pipe (if being used) into the fitting and begin again.

This device combines attributes from some of the earliest hand dredge designs into one simple device. All without the inherent mechanical encumbrances of vent holes, indicator lines, o-ring/piston seals, silicone lube maintenance, etc.



                                                        - Slim, rugged rubber bellows
                                                        - No vent hole or indicator lines to monitor
                                                        - Easy material removal
                                                        - Works above or below water
                                                        - No piston seal 
                                                        - Provided 1/2"to 1" PVC custom nozzle adapter
                                                        - Requires no silicone lubricant maintenance
                                                        - Light weight - ready to go to work
                                                        - Extremely affordable for those on a budget
                                                        - PROUDLY -


This device's intent is to be provided as an inexpensive, feature rich sniping tool offering the largest useful functionality within one simple device.

This product easily lends itself to variations such as different nozzle lengths, alternative nozzle configurations, addition of collection cups, etc. 
Just inquire if you don't wish to provide your own and have a specific build need - it can be provided for a nominal cost!


What you can expect to receive:

FATTail Bellows
1 each -  1/2" x 1" custom pipe fitting
(You provide the nozzles/pipe)

Price: $21.00


FATTail Bellows