Do you already own a WIDE-EYE Underwater Viewing Scope?
Do you have a need to magnify the underwater targets for easier identification?
Do you like to perform DIY tasks?

If you answered "YES" to the above questions, then this kit is for you! It contains all the necessary parts for the DIY individual who already owns a WIDE-EYE Underwater Viewing Scope and would like to add a magnification lens to provide the extra capability of 5X power magnification to their search.
The kit is very easy to install for anyone with a minimum of correct tools and a modicum of skills necessary to modify a WIDE-EYE UVS.

The minimum tools that you would need are:
 - Ruler with 1/32" lines
- Hand drill
- # 21 drill - (5/32")
- 10/32 UNC fine thread tap
- Tapping handle
- Your fingers….

As can be seen it requires only three screws which, when mounted, would be evenly spaced on the WIDE-EYE to install the 4" diameter, glass, 5X magnification lens that is shown. Once mounted the lens may be removed at any time to return to the standard non-magnified lens window without any damage to the original design characteristics already provided with the WIDE-EYE.

This kit is supplied with full color pictures and text instructions for proper lens installation.
What you will receive:

4" Diameter, Glass, 5X Magnification lens
3ea. - Black Nylon Mount Screws
Complete & Detailed Instructions

Price: $12.50

WIDE-EYE Lens kit