Shown is a FissureMan Online named MDSS used for the retrieval of both precious and non-precious metal objects.

This product, while not designed for the typical gold prospector searching for alluvial/stream gold nuggets and particles, is made to retrieve the objects found by a metal detector enthusiast searching beaches and/or other areas of loose ground, sand and/or small gravels.

This tough device is a s
olid one-piece polypropylene construction giving each shovel an unmatched industrial strength.
The deep bucket capacity and lightweight balance make it ideal for handling hefty loads.
With its custom cut shape and hole pattern it will perform work that allows easy digging, lifting, sifting and retrieval of located targets.
It works well in dry and/or wet sand.
As an additional benefit, this product floats when accidentally dropped into water.


When a detectorist locates a target they will inevitably end up bending or stooping down to dig and retrieve their finds - usually with some hand held trowel or sand sifter.
In some instances this may take one scoop using a little hand scoop to dig up the target, however, in many instances it takes 3 or more time consuming scoops.

The MDSS eliminates most if not all of the backbreaking bending and stooping by providing a tool that is long enough (36" typical length - tip to handle) for the average height individual to reach the ground without undue bending to dig and retrieve a target.
The MDSS sifts sand using 98 total geometrically spaced, holes to expose any target and retrieve all targets larger than 3/8" overall diameter without most of the usual back stress one might encounter.
Additionally, the overall bucket size of the MDSS is such that it will likely take one full scoop or less to actually get the target into the sifting area of the shovel and cleaned of the excess sand and ready to place a find into your "pock".

If the target should happen to be deeper than one scoop,  the user can continue to dig deeper and check each large bucket load for the target with their detector without the need to actually sift the material each and every time until they know the target is in the scoop.

Did I mention?

The MDSS will not register on any metal detector -
It has no metallic parts in its construction - unlike many of the other standing or stooping scoop styles of any real material volume.

The MDSS won't corrode -
Even though stainless steel scoops will not readily corrode they will make a detector sing if they are left anywhere close by.

When compared to the MDSS -
Cheap non-stainless steel scoops will have less durability and a shorter useful life.

The MDSS is less expensive -
Properly constructed standing stainless steel scoops cost an arm and leg when compared to the cost of the MDSS.

The MDSS moves a lot of material with each scoop load -
Typical scoops, standing or stooping, will not move anywhere close to the amount of material per scoop.

Some things to do with it when not searching for MD treasures

-        Clean the pond or swimming pool of floating debris
-        Clear the kid's sandbox of buried toys or other articles
-        Clean dangerous, hidden objects from public sand/play yards
-        Clear an area to be hand dredged of oversize rocks
-        Place it below the output of an active hi-banker/sluice for easy tailings clearing
-        Find buried balls in golf course sand traps
-        Swat very large flies (just kidding!)

What you can expect to receive:

                           Grey coloration