The above picture shows all parts being provided  to DIY assemble and build your own custom, dual valve hand dredge pump system similar to the popular SANDMAN SYSTEM offered elsewhere on this site.

You will need to obtain some 2" PVC pipe, 1 ½" PVC pipe, ½" PVC pipe and a small can of PVC glue to be able to contruct a custom hand dredge that suits your personal needs and abilities.

With this kit most all of the design headaches and leg work have been done for you along with doing away with easily half of the cost for a fully assembled device available for purchase elsewhere both on my site or through other manufacturers listings.

- When assembled the kit will allow use in any way you desire to collect material for direct processing, containment  in a bucket, straight to a sluice, into a classifier system or whatever method you would like to employ with whatever means you provide to connect to or from the hose output end.

What you can expect:

- All parts constucted of white ABS or PVC plastic that easily glue together using common PVC glue used for PVC (or ABS) plastic pipe adhesion.

- Design elements that lend to the best possible construction and capability needed to bulk collect gold bearing material or just to be able to snipe crevices.

- Spare parts available with just a message contact or email away.

- A link to a private YouTube assembly video provided with the documentation sent with  the purchased kit to help answer any question about what parts go where and when. 

- The assembly video is also available for direct view without purchase here on the FissureMan Online website in the "Videos for Viewing" page should you want to get an idea of just how easy this kit is to assemble.

PRICE: $67.50
 (International customers please contact before placing your order)

Below is the instructional video.

Please double click the image for a larger view or click pause to stop it from playing.