This is the page to find deals on products that don't quite meet FissureMan Online quality standards for any possible reason. All offered items function perfectly and as designed, however, they do not command a full price. You will find here the items that have minor manufacturing flaws such as cosmetic scratches, minor dents, misalignments or other attributes that are not up to quality standards. Also product overruns, discontinued products, customer returns or refurbished units will be offered here as well. Any items on this page will still be covered by the standard return policy.

The items offered here are usually one-of-a-kind or limited in quantity and individually will not be available again once sold.
Just bear in mind that complaints or disatisfaction concerning the identified irregularity(s) for each item will not be grounds for a product return or replacement of the items on this page.

Take a look at the pictures and if you don't have a problem with irregularities such as these just click the "Buy Now" button and pick up a bargain!

Check back often as items will show up and fall off as time goes on.