E-Cigarette Caddy Cart
Products added for example only
Products added for example only
This is a new offering for all who enjoy vaping nicotine using an Electronic Cigarette or other atomizing device rather than smoking regular cigarettes, cigars or pipes.

I searched all over the net once I started to vape just to find needed and wanted additional accessories such as the one offered here. I was always laying my E-Cigarette battery/cart down all over the place and worried that it would maybe roll off the table or worse yet, leak nicotine liquid all over the surface of the place I had layed it down on.

I am glad to say that the product I use doesn't leak, but still, I didn't like having to lay the device down everywhere I went without a proper stand to secure it.
Afterall, even when smoking regular cigarettes, one didn't just lay them down where ever you might happen to be - for obvious reasons. We all had an appropriate device (ashtray) to put them in.

If a vaporizer is stood on its end, one small bump to the surface of the tabletop will make it fall over. This could, would and will cause damage to the unit's circuitry if it bangs hard enough when it falls over.

Then there is the subject of all the little bottles needed for e-juice, DIY mixing, dispensing, storing, etc.
Bump the surface they are on hard enough and the bottles, either open or closed, will fall over and roll off the table and in some cases causing a mess in the process!

This search has led me to find that many who vape feel the same way and are looking for the same things I am.
All that is currently found on the web are expensive $50.00 blocks of shiny wood with a couple of drilled holes that only fit a limited number of vaping products - with absolutely no versatility to add or have different products at hand.
The only other possible containment products I could identify were dollar store plastic bins, cardboard shoeboxes and fishing tackle boxes that really did not appeal as a proper caddy for the most used items in my vaping experience.

This all has brought me to this point and the following video presentation for you to review concerning the product offered on this page.
I hope you like it and the product it displays!
PRICE:  $23.50
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