The BASIC Hand Dredge body is offered for those who wish to DIY, save on cost and/or to custom outfit using the various attachments and/or nozzles offered on other pages of this website to construct an operational hand dredge of their own design.

The dredge body has all the features of a 2" FissureMan Hand Dredge but is supplied
without the nozzle cap, nozzles, collection cup, and other articles normally supplied with a complete 2" Hand Dredge.

Either a  7 nozzle kit or SANDMAN ATTACHMENT may be purchased from another page. If you purchase one or the other offered configurations and you decide  later that different material collection or sniping capability is are needed you will be able to upgrade to full capability with other offered attachments.

Please be advised and remember, this is
only the pump and collection head assembly and not a fully operational hand dredge as offered on other pages of this website. You will need to either build and/or add the needed components yourself with a purchase of any of the available components, attachments or kits for a 2" hand dredge that are offered elsewhere on this website.

What you will receive:

1- Basic Hand Dredge Body

Cost: $36.50