As has been indicated with other
FissureMan offerings, you will not be reviewing a couple of lengths of unfinished plastic pipe stuck into one another using mismatched fittings and a skinny O-ring to make a common crevice sucker.

The FATBoy has been expertly manufactured using a number of proprietary design features found in the more advanced
FissureMan hand dredge models but with the capability of mass material collection!  This tool will allow the prospector to collect large amounts of material with every cylinder load. Under the right conditions two or three strokes could fill this unit to capacity. The more loose material available to suction - the better the FATBoy will perform!


                        >        Advanced 2" butterfly piston seal.
                        >        A collection chamber may be attached for added volume (sold seperately).
                        >        Uses a flap valve to trap material and provide minimal loss of collected material.
                        >        Capability to perform multiple suction strokes prior to emptying.
                        >        Easy use "T" style piston handle.
                        >        Gloss Black & White color finish.
                        >        Supplied with a custom, detachable 10" x 1½" nozzle.
                        >        Light weight at 2 lb. 1 oz. fully assembled with the 1½" nozzle.
                        >        Supplied with an adjustable position right angle auxiliary grip handle.
                        >        Fast shipment combined with both pre and post sale customer assistance.
                        >        PROUDLY -

The first and foremost reason to use this device is the large material collection and holding capability. Second, heavier material such as gold or gemstone material will drop first from the water suctioned into the cylinder. As a result this valuable material would be the first to be lost during transfer to a sluice, bucket or pan with other types of open ended hand dredges offered elsewhere. The proprietary internal nozzle flap valve will trap all valuable material as it travels down the lower surface of the piston's internal wall. During use the valve prevents gravel & sand filter from falling out the open end of the nozzle. This design traps the material but allows the water in the cylinder to slowly drain out. This will provide less opportunity for the potential loss of the collected materials during multiple suction strokes.

The nozzle is a 1 1/2" by 8" long mechanism with a 30° angled orifice constructed to facilitate comfortable movement and collection of large size and/or volume material. While this is a departure from the smaller diameter nozzles usually supplied with FissureMan products - it is recognized to be a useful nozzle dimension for some prospecting endeavors.

The large diameter nozzle will allow the prospector to "move a lot of dirt" when desired. The ability to move a lot of pay material or uncover a crevice or gold holding structure, buried beneath a layer of overburden, would ordinarily require scoop or shovel work to clear. Performing this work under the surface of the water with a scoop or shovel is virtually impossible to perform without losing most of the material while lifting it from the bottom. Once the gross volume of material is removed, a smaller device may be used to collect the more desirable material contained at the lowest points of the water covered structure or crevice.

Accessing the suctioned material is facilitated by removing the nozzle at the threaded connection and let the material drop into a bucket or pan.

NOTE: This hand dredge does not allow use of the SANDMAN Attachment listed on another page.

What you can expect to receive

2" ID - Manual Suction Dredge
Outfitted with one custom 1½" ID nozzle
Adjustable position, right angle auxiliary handle
Gloss Black & White coloration

Price: $39.50