What you will receive:

Fissureman 2" No-Frills Hand Dredge Body
RING KING Attachment Kit
Which includes:
FATBoy 1.5" Large Bore Nozzle
Two 1.00" ID Check Valves
Sifting Collection Cup

Price: $52.50
RING KING Hand Dredge

This system is being provided as a basic FissureMan 2" Hand Dredge that addresses the specific needs of metal detectorists everywhere to retrieve jewelry, coins, artifacts or other similar items located below the surface of watery shoreline environments such as would be encountered at ocean beaches, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and streams. This system is comprised of a FissureMan 2" No-Frills Hand Dredge and a RING KING Attachment Kit that will allow the collection of various located targets during the search of submerged shoreline locations.


This collection system has been expertly manufactured and designed for use with the bayonet connection points as found on the advanced FissureMan Hand Dredges. This design method allows for future upgrade of the system with additional sniping nozzles and collection capabilities for gold or gemstone prospecting, at a later date if desired, without loss of the original functionality.

The product system offered is supplied with the FATBoy 1.5" nozzle, a
RING KING collection cup and two specially designed check valves to provide a collection capability that  allows setup at a given location within any shallow submerged shoreline. This will provide the metal detectorist an ability to access and easily retrieve gold rings, coins and/or other artifacts of various nature. With the sifting collection cup, the RING KING system easily collects targets very quickly while sifting and eliminating all unwanted material that is smaller than ½" in overall size during use. This is a great tool where the user would need to venture into shallow water to perform collection and sifting normally associated with conventional dry sand hand scoops. This is a great tool to move large volumes of sand and unwanted material away from an underwater target site easier than a sand scoop without the operator venturing beneath the surface of the water. No more lost time and/or fatigue from continuous bending over to transfer scooped material to your sifting equipment as performed with sifting, non-sifting scoops and/or shovels. The RING KING System will provide volume target site sifting performance that far out paces any simple hand tool commonly used for transferring small, unwanted material from a target site or to a sifting mechanism.
Concerning check valves:
Check valves come in an assortment of mechanical designs to be used for various functional requirements. Many check valve designs are made for liquid or gas control.

One specific valve design used for slurry control is the Swing Check Valve.
(Definition of "slurry": "
a watery mixture of insoluble matter")

The Swing Check Valve has been in use for over 80 years to control the flow of slurries for various material types from abrasives to sludge. This design is used because particulate matter within the flow stream does not adversely affect its operation.

It should be noted that FissureMan check valves are not standard off-the-shelf hardware store check valves that are normally used to transfer clear or semi-clear fluids.
The check valves used within the RING KING are a simplified version of the time-tested and reliable Swing Check Valve. They have been referred to loosely as flap valves.

FissureMan check valves are designed and constructed in-house to provide a valve system that works as required and by design, vastly reduces the typical malfunction that might be experienced with store bought check valves.

-  Attaches directly to any supplied FissureMan 2" Hand Dredge without additional modification.

-  Incorporates the popular FATBoy 1.5" large bore nozzle.

-  Able to sift and then reject material that is less than ½" overall size and smaller - not just the sand.

-  The collection head design provides easy material collection and sifting capacity.

-  Uses check valves that are inexpensive, easily accessed and that have the largest material flow through ID available.

-  The supplied
FissureMan Hand Dredge can be upgraded at a later date, if desired, with an array of additional nozzles
    and attachments to be used as a sniping/sampling tool for gold and gemstone prospecting when the
collection system is not in use.

-  The hand dredge body incorporates an advanced 2" butterfly piston seal.

-  All components of the RING KING are easy to transport since it has a very light weight of 3 pounds - assembled for use
                ("Professional" long water, stainless steel sand scoops can weigh as much as 6 pounds or more!)

-  Offered at a price that is at least half the cost of some long water "Professional" sand scoops.

-  Fast shipment combined with both pre and post sale customer assistance.



Attach the RING KING components to your FissureMan No-Frills hand dredge body per the included, easy to follow instructions. Find a suitable location and search the site to identify and pinpoint your target. Remove or move the larger oversized  debris and/or rocks from the suction point. Set the nozzle on/at your target location and then pump the hand dredge to pick up the material and sift through it. Suction and sift through as much material as needed to collect the target. If the target is deeper than a couple of inches then suction and sift as much material as necessary to finally expose the target.

To empty the collection cup it takes a quick ½" twist and then you are ready to transfer the collected materials and hopefully your target to your pan, bucket or whatever material containment apparatus you prefer to use. Replace the collection cup and begin again. It's as simple as that!

Operational tip: To help the hand dredge sift material more efficiently, it is suggested that  pumping the handle a few of times during the sifting/collection process with just water to help eliminate the buildup of small material during the collection process. This action can be noted during the provided operational video demonstration.

Purchase this offered
Fissureman No-Frills Hand Dredge and the RING KING Attachment to obtain target collection and separation capability of the most advanced and versatile hand dredge collection system ever offered for use by the Metal Detectorist.

Your half way there if you already own a
FissureMan 2" Hand Dredge. All you need to do is obtain the RING KING Attachment Kit and get started!