This is the latest
FissureMan gold prospecting tool released for use with any of the FissureMan 2" hand dredges. This new attachment was developed to address requests received from individuals looking for a device that collects material using a hose and check valve system. This new attachment is easily attached to the FissureMan line of 2" inch hand dredges (except the FATBoy Hand Dredge) and will allow the mass collection of material less than 1.00" overall diameter.


This attachment has been expertly manufactured and designed for use with the bayonet connection feature found on the advanced FissureMan hand dredge models. This design allows current owners as well as all future owners of FissureMan hand dredges to use this attachment.

This new design incorporates a
FissureMan FATBoy 1.5" nozzle to provide a complete prospecting tool that will allow setup at a given location in a stream bed and provide the ability to access and easily retrieve large amounts (literally gallons!) of gold or gem bearing material to process with sluices, high bankers, spiral wheel separators or any chosen piece of processing equipment. With a two-gallon collection capacity, the SANDMAN attachment easily collects very large quantities of material very quickly. This is a great tool to use where a powered dredge is not allowed as this tool is the best way to move a large volume of material from under water as easily as a powered dredge. No more lost time and/or fatigue from transferring small amounts of material to and fro to your processing equipment. The SANDMAN attachment will provide collection performance and volume material collection that out paces any one pull and dump simple hand dredge design from other manufacturers claimed to be "efficient" for moving a lot of material.

-    Attaches directly to the FissureMan hand dredge designs (except the FATBoy Hand Dredge) with no additional modification.
-    Incorporates the popular FATBoy 1.5" large bore nozzle.
-    Ample six-foot length of flexible discharge hose for easy bucket positioning.
-    Collects all material that is smaller than 1.00" in overall diameter - not just the sand.
-   The original hand dredge can still be upgraded to a sniping/sampling tool when the SANDMAN is not  
     attached - just obtain a nozzle set and the collection cup to replace the
SANDMAN attachment.
-   The square bucket has a large 2-gallon collection capacity with a hinged lid.
-   The check valves used are inexpensive and easily accessed.
-   Fast shipment combined with both pre and post sale customer assistance.


Find a suitable location containing plenty of sand, gravel, water and hopefully gold. Attach the SANDMAN to your FissureMan hand dredge per the included, easy to follow instructions. Set and secure the bucket nearby and then pump the hand dredge to prime it and fill the bucket with enough water to weigh it down. This will provide initial stabilization for the bucket when you start too collect material. Begin suction collection of your material. Suction and collect as much material as the bucket can hold or that you can easily move to your processing equipment.

To empty the bucket just lift the lid and transfer the collected material to your pan, sluice, high banker or whatever favorite material processing equipment you prefer to use. Replace the lid and begin again. It's as simple as that!

Operational tip: To help hold the bucket in place in fast moving water it is suggested that you tether it with a rope or other suitable restraining strap attached to a stake or ground screw driven into the streambed or ground nearby. Alternatively a large rock or other natural anchor will work as well. Tethering the bucket to yourself can be done but is not advised as fast moving water may pick up the bucket and carry it away and while doing so may possibly drag you down stream with it.

Purchase a FISSUREMAN two-inch hand dredge and the SANDMAN Attachment and get all the benefits of the most advanced and versatile hand dredge in the gold and gemstone prospecting field today.

Your half way there if you already own a
FissureMan 2" hand dredge (except the FATBoy Hand Dredge) . All you need to do is purchase the SANDMAN Attachment and get started!

Don't own a
FissureMan II two-inch hand dredge? - Don't need all the extras that come with one but would like to take advantage of this new tool for your volume collecting needs? Then just purchase a basic
hand dredge body with no extras that can be used to take advantage of the SANDMAN Attachment.

The basic dredge can always be upgraded later with any of the standard working features found on the
FissureMan hand dredge such as the collection cup and the various nozzles offered with either.

There are two different nozzle kits offered on this site -  3 Nozzle kit or 7 Nozzle kit that complement the Basic No-Frills hand dredge body.

What you will receive:

1- SANDMAN Attachment
1- FATBoy 1.5" Large Bore Nozzle
Two 1.00" ID Check Valves

PRICE: $43.50

This is the redesigned SANDMAN Attachment.
All hand dredges shipped after 4/16/2018 will emply this redesign.
All previous hand dredge versions will not be backward compatable with this attachment design.
If you have a hand dredge version older than the above mentioned ship date please request the old version for purchase.