The <WIDE-EYE> is a robust, light weight and high quality 4" diameter underwater viewing scope constructed to assist the gold prospector for sniping rock crevices and searching the surface of gravels in streams and rivers.

This scope design incorporates the standard, time tested features of a black internal wall surface to reduce internal reflected light for improved viewing ability and vent openings on the lens protector to allow air to escape from the front surface of the viewing window during use


The vents on this new device are different, they are not just simple round holes but a full circle of vent windows that are efficient for allowing water with all the air bubbles on the acrylic window surface to more rapidly pass through providing an immediate and perfect unobstructed view. The large 4" diameter viewing area is provided to allow the user to see with both eyes more comfortably and clearly than would be allowed by a long narrow 3" diameter tube design. There is a total of 25% greater viewing surface area with this model compared to 3" diameter tubes. The further away the eye is to the target (length) and the narrower the viewing area (diameter), the more the decrease in the user's ability to see targets easily and as a consequence more targets could be missed.



Underwater Viewing and Sniping Scope


17" Long x 4" View Diameter


24" Long x 4" View Diameter


32" Long x 4" View Diameter


36" Long x 4" View Diameter

Rough or moving water is sometimes a problem for single handle underwater viewers: this will not be an issue as the <WIDE-EYE> has two opposing, full grip, parallel handles for complete double handed control when in use under flowing water conditions. Two of the WIDE-EYE UVS styles (L & XL) have an extra handle to allow additional control due to the unit length. This handle also adds an ability to easily carry the unit horizontally during a hike to your location of choice.

Any UVS shape with a window on the end can see underwater but....

A properly constructed underwater viewing scope should not only let the user see underwater but allow viewing targets under many differing conditions - not just under optimum lighting conditions alone.

All the improved WIDE-EYE Underwater Viewing Scope attributes described will take the user to far more hard to view areas with greater clarity and better visibility than any other underwater viewing tube currently available.





While designed to allow the easy sighting of gold nuggets in shallow underwater conditions, there are several other useful applications that go hand-in-hand with this device. The <WIDE-EYE> is useful for hunting relics, fossils, shark teeth, gem stones, viewing wildlife in underwater habitats or just plain looking around at the sites. Many individuals such as  researchers,  biologists, anglers, flat water and kayak boaters, photographers, rock hounds, fossickers and teachers to name just a few can all use this handy tool for underwater viewing during outings or feild trips to a stream, lake, beach, ocean or tide pool of interest without ever getting submerged or even wet under some circumstances.  Gold dredge operators can use this device to watch their partner's activity from the surface during an underwater dredging operation without the need to use a mask and snorkel.


The <WIDE-EYE> can be provided in any one of the standard working lengths of 17, 24, 32 or 36 inches with a satin white outer surface and the upper rim edge trimmed in protective polyurethane for comfortable face contact should you need to get in as close as possible to view your target of interest. The completely assembled weight of any one of these great devices is less than the same length of 3 inch diameter black ABS pipe alone that is commonly used for construction of other less capable underwater viewers. This scope also floats and will not sink to the bottom such as ABS plastic tube viewers do when dropped into the water by accident. There is no better device of similar or useful construction available anywhere - bar none!

An underwater viewing scope is a great complement to any of the various FissureMan hand dredges when prospecting possible underwater gold holding structures.

Now available! - 5X magnification lens kit to fit the WIDE-EYE. If you would like this kit pre-installed for you just click the appropriate drop down menu option to receive your chosen WIDE-EYE with the 5X Mag Lens installed.
If you would prefer to install the lens yourself, to save a few dollars - just purchase it separately from the front page picture listing on this site.

An LED illumination source is provided as an option that offers a brighter and more useful lighting source than ever before. If you desire to have an internal illumination source provided with your WIDE-EYE purchase just click the appropriate drop down menu option.

If your desire is to have both optional components (magnification lens and the Illumination source) there is a drop down menu choice for that as well.

You can purchase a cheap, home made tube viewer or possibly a more expensive retail model but you won't find a better, more fully featured and useful device than the <WIDE-EYE> Underwater Viewing Scope.

Below are the standard lengths from which to choose and expect to receive:

The most unique optional feature offered for this UVS, that is a full step above all the rest - there is no need to carry a separate flashlight while you hunt. This quality viewer can be provided with an add on water resistant, super bright LED illumination source. While an illumination source may not be needed most of the time, it sure does come in handy when it is! This design feature allows the user to readily shine a light down at anytime to see where other typical devices can't - such as in stained water, in dimly lit areas, under a shadowed structure, down a hole or even during the dark of night. The illuminator is fully removable should it not be needed or needed for ancillary handheld purposes that might arise.

WIDE-EYE                                                    V/S                                                       OTHER
Optional installed equipment
Optional installed equipment
Optional installed equipment
Optional installed equipment
There are four seperate optional configurations available for each of the WIDE-EYE Scopes shown above. (At this time certain versions of the WIDE-EYE will be supplied with the lens protector vent slot shown or may be provided with the circle of vent windows as shown in the first picture on this page. Please inquire if you have a preference.)

Option 1 - No added option 
Option 2 - LED Illuminator
Option 3 - 5X Mag Lens
Option 4 - Both LED Illuminator and 5X Mag lens

To choose and purchase the configuration that best suites your needs just click on the dropdown menu bar, click the option choice desired then click the "BUY NOW" button.